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Some examples of the feedback we have received on our products are:



Thanks so much for your time and attention in keeping these terrific resources up-to-date. They are invaluable to my students.

Kate Jones

Teacher / IT Learning Leader

Academy of Mary Immaculate

Our students really love your work (as do the staff). It is always clear, concise and easy and logical to follow.

Andrew Szabo
Head of Curriculum - Information Technology
St Patrick's College, Shorncliffe QLD

As I have told my colleagues there is nothing anywhere as good as the GCT tutorials - unbeatable for quality and value!

Russell Murchie
Head Teacher Administration
Toormina High School

I must congratulate you on the quality of the resources. Have recommended them to 2 areas at RMIT for use in classes. Our VCE area has purchased the class version.


Geoff Moss

My year 9 ICT class are just finishing off your (Wattle Valley) PowerPoint tutorial that the school purchased for my class a few months ago. My class have really enjoyed it, so thank you for designing something so good, it makes my life easier.


Last week I asked my students what project they wanted to do next and every student voted to do another one of your tutorial's, which is why I have purchased Photoshop for them.


Julie Sharp-Tetley

Rosebud Secondary College

Can I just say how fantastic I think your tutorials are. They are very well written- very clear and understandable and there are plenty of illustrations. They suit our purposes exactly.

We are using the Flash CS6 tutorials with Year 8 and 9, Photoshop CS6 with Year 10 and Dreamweaver CS6 with Years 10 and 11.

Drew Semple
Head of Information Technology
Brisbane Boys' College

The Dreamweaver CS6 tutorials were really good for the Y12 IT Apps classes and I plan to use part of them with Y11's later in the year.


The Access ones are for the Y12 IT Apps to do next.


Your products are good, thanks for making them for us guys at the coal face


Paul Pascoe

St Francis Xavier College

I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation to you for the outstanding DreamWeaver tutorials that I purchased last week.

I have used some of your books before (notably those on Access) and have found your writing style, examples and explanations very clear and useful.

I am pleased to say that your offering on Dreamweaver CS3 has proved to be equally clear and well documented.

Many thanks, I look forward to obtaining your tutorial on Flash CS3 in the near future.

Mike Duivesteyn
Birdwood High School

You are the the best writer of User Guides. I have purchased the Practice IT Teacher support CDs and have used the excellent guides for Dreamweaver and Databases.

Kusham Rattan
Gisbourne Secondary College

Keep up the good work. Your books are exceptional!!!


Bill Dunne
Penola Catholic College

I received your Flash tutorials and they are fantastic. I am very impressed and so are the students. Makes teaching Flash so much easier.

Paul Drew
Ashwood Secondary College

I have used all your books and they're great. Robyn Dunn
Camberwell High School

I have spent the last couple of days working through the Word 2007 and Excel 2007 tutorials and I would just like to let you know that I think they are fantastic. Well done!

Fran Parker
Smarter Data Management

I received your podcast CD yesterday afternoon when I came home from school. I sat and went through some of the tutorials on Flash. They are truly so good. So easy to use and so easy to understand. One of my courses at uni is "Interactive Multimedia" using Flash. I have put a link to your web site today with great raps on the cd.

I am advising other Masters users to buy and use for two purposes.

1. to teach themselves how to use Flash the easy way
2. to have the experience of using podcasts for teaching

I have just quickly started going through the excel podcast and already have picked up things I didn't know. I will be buying more for myself.

There is no easier way to learn how to use a software package than using these.

Jan Clewett

I have been teaching adults who have very little experience in Computers for 6 years and I am so glad that I have discovered Greg Bowden's very explicit and detailed books. They are so useful particularly when the new versions of Office 2007 are so different and you have to relearn the topic. The screen captures are excellent for finding your way away in an unfamiliar environment. I'm giving up writing training notes now that I have found such an excellent method of teaching by demonstration which particularly helps the older students who aren't so intuitive.

Thanks for a fantastic job. You have made life so much easier and teaching so much more enjoyable.

Jill Secombe
Teacher of Adult Students

Thank-you for such great service...your books are great.

Terry Frost
St Marys Central School

My name is Lawan Tyson from New York and I just ordered your wonderful Access and Excel 2003 both as a download and on CD. and I wish to now order Word and PowerPoint 2003 both as a download and wish the CD as well. I think Greg Bowden has created a wonderful product and I am now his biggest fan here in the States.

Do you know, we still have class sets of your Red and Blue Guided Spreadsheet Activities and Guided Word Processing Activities. We purchased class sets around 10 years ago! Still very useful, but its time to update. Look forward to receiving the new materials.

D T Bourne
St Pauls International College