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Learning iPhoto 5.0

by Greg Bowden (74 pages)


iphoto 5 tutorials

The tutorials have been developed for iPhoto 5.0 on the Macintosh system as single or multi-user versions. Support files that provide all the sample animations and resources required to complete the activities are included with the product.


The tutorials cover the basics of iPhoto including organising and editing photos, creating photo slideshows, creating photo books, importing and exporting photos.




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Learning iPhoto 5.0 Single-user, $A11


Learning iPhoto 5.0 Multi-user, $A132




  • Chapters and Sample Pages
  • Chapter Descriptions




view contents (114k)

Chapter 1: Introduction to iPhoto (12 pages)

view sample pages (433k)

Chapter 2: Organising Photos (8 pages)


Chapter 3: Editing Photos (16 pages)

view sample pages (203k)

Chapter 4: Creating Photo Slideshows (8 pages)


Chapter 5: Creating Photo Books (18 pages)


Chapter 6: Importing and Exporting Photos (6 pages)








iPhoto 5 Chapter Descriptions



Chapter 1: Introduction to iPhoto

This chapter describes how to import photos, adjust the view of photos and how to add information about photos, such as titles, keywords and ratings.


IPhoto 5 import and view photos





Chapter 2: Organising Photos

This chapter demonstrates how to organise photos into photo albums. This includes the creation of smart albums.


IPhoto 5 photo albums





Chapter 3: Editing Photos

This chapter introduces students to how photos can be modified and improved. This includes rotating and cropping photos, setting photos to black and white or sepia, and adjusting photo's brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, sharpness, exposure and red-eye effects.


IPhoto 5 rotate, crop and adjust colour of photos





Chapter 4: Creating iPhoto Slideshows


Demonstrates how to create a slide show from an iPhoto album. This includes setting photo effects, transitions and adding music.


IPhoto 5 slide show





Chapter 5: Creating Photo Books

Shows students how to create photo books from a series of themes. Students are shown how to add text to photos, change the arrangement of photos on a page and previewing the book.


IPhoto 5 photo books





Chapter 6: Importing and Exporting Photos


This chapter demonstrates how to add photos from a digital camera and how to export photos in a variety of different file types.