Prices are in Australian dollars
and include GST.
For purchasers outside Australia, the 10% GST tax is removed from the prices at checkout.


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Products can be purchased using any of the following methods. Once an official Purchase Order Number, Credit Card payment or PayPal payment has been received, links to download the products will be emailed to you.


Please note: Prices are in Australian Dollars and GST (sales tax) is applied to Australian orders only.




School Purchase Order


If you are providing an official PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER, complete the order form from the following link and submit it. The 10% GST will be deducted from the prices for orders outside Australia.


School or Government Purchase Order Form


Credit Card or PayPal


If you are paying using a Credit Card or PayPal Account, add the required products to the shopping cart.


When you select Checkout you will be taken to the secure PayPal payment page.


Enter the Shipping Address details then select PAY WITH PAYPAL if you are using your PayPal Account or enter your credit card details and select PAY WITH CARD if you are paying using a credit card. GST will be added to Austalian purchases at that time.




Upgrading from Single to Multi-user Versions


Upgrading from single-user to multi-user versions can be carried out using an official Purchase Order Number, Credit Card or PayPal account.


Either open the PRODUCTS page and select the UPGRADE TO MULT-USER tab or click on the UPGRADE FROM SINGLE-USER to MULTI-USER button in individual product pages then use the ADD TO CART button for credit card or PayPal purchases, or the ORDER NO. button for Purchase Order Number orders.


For Credit Card or PayPal purchases, use the Shopping Cart instructions in point 2


Purchasing Older Versions


If you wish to order older versions of products, you can do so using an official Purchase Order Number or via a credit card or PayPal using the following form:


Purchasing Older Versions of the Tutorials


Complete the Customer Details section, select the products you require from the Product Details list, scroll to the bottom of the form and select Submit.


If you are purchasing using a credit card or PayPal, select the Credit Card or PayPal check box and a Paypal payment request will be emailed to you. The link in the email will take you to the secure PayPal payment page where either credit card details can be entered or a PayPal account can be used, as described in point 2.

On receipt of the Order Number , Credit Card payment or PayPal payment, links to download the modules will be emailed to you.




Click on this text to send an e-mail if any of the previous payment methods are not suitable.