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Presentation Exercises

by Greg Bowden


Presentation Exercises provides teachers with a series of graduated presentation activities. These can be given to students directly or used by teachers in the development of their own course materials.

Individual exercises in Microsoft Word format are provided so that the exercises can be easily modified when necessary.

The purpose of the exercises is to give teachers ideas of the types of presentation activities that can be given students. Teachers can then teach Presentation software in their preferred way.

The exercises do not provide detailed instructions on how to create the presentations, but they do provide brief instructions on the Presentation features that could be used. If more detailed instructions are required, then the Learning Microsoft PowerPoint Modules would be more appropriate.


A presentation for the mythical Wattle Valley Animal Park is progressively built throughout the Exercises.


Support files are provided in the PRESENTATIONS SUPPORT FILES when exercises need images, videos, sound files or prepared presentations.


A sample file with the first few exercises can be downloaded from the following zip file:


Presentation Exercises Sample (0.9 Mb)


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Prices are in Australian dollars and include GST. For purchases outside Australia, the 10% GST (tax) is removed from the price.

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Presentation Exercises, $33.00



List of Exercises


Presentations Exercise 1: Title Slides

Presentations Exercise 2: Title and Content Slides

Presentations Exercise 3: Inserting Images into Placeholders

Presentations Exercise 4: Inserting Images and Shapes

Presentations Exercise 5: Duplicating Placeholders

Presentations Exercise 6: Applying Slide Transitions

Presentations Exercise 7: Animation Effects

Presentations Exercise 8: Inserting Movie Clips

Presentations Exercise 9: Adding Diagrams to Slides

Presentations Exercise 10: Formatting and Aligning Content

Presentations Exercise 11: Inserting Tables

Presentations Exercise 12: Inserting Charts

Presentations Exercise 13: Text Formatting

Presentations Exercise 14: Action Buttons

Presentations Exercise 15: Self-Running Shows

Presentations Exercise 16: Speaker and Handout Notes

Presentations Exercise 17: Slide Masters

Presentations Exercise 18: Audio and Video Files

Presentations Exercise 19: Morph or Magic Move Transitions