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Learning iMovie HD 5.0

by Greg Bowden (98 pages)


imovie 5 tutorials

The tutorials have been developed for iMovie 5.0 HD on the Macintosh system as single or multi-user versions. The multi-user version has a detailed project at the end of unit so that students can practice the skills that they have learned. Support files that provide all the sample animations and resources required to complete the activities are included with the product.


A movie based on the Victorian Surf Coast is progressively developed throughout the chapters. Students learn to insert and combine movie clips, edit movie clips, add motion and video effects, insert transitions, add titles, add sound tracks, export movies to QuickTime and iDVD, and use photos within movies.




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Learning iMovie 5.0 Single-user, $A11


Learning iMovie 5.0 Multi-user, $A132




  • Chapters and Sample Pages
  • Chapter Descriptions




view pages (44k)

Chapter 1:Introduction to iMovie (10 pages)


Chapter 2: Adding Transitions (6 pages)


Chapter 3: Adding Motion and Video Effects (14 pages)

view sample pages (432k)

Chapter 4: Adding Titles to Movie Clips (12 pages)

view sample pages (692k)

Chapter 5: Sound Tracks (14 pages)


Chapter 6: Editing Movie Clips (6 pages)

view sample pages (312k)

Chapter 7: Exporting Movies (6 pages)


Chapter 8: Preparing a DVD (13 pages)

view sample pages (552k)

Chapter 9: Using Photos (9 pages)


iMovie Project (Multi-user version only) (2 pages)








iMovie Chapter Descriptions



Chapter 1: Introduction to iMovie

iMovie HD 5.0 importing and playing movie clipsThis chapter introduces the basics of iMovie and starts The Victorian Surf Coast movie. It includes:

  • the components of the iMovie screen.

  • importing movie clips.

  • playing movie clips.

  • adding movie clips to the Clip Viewer.




Chapter 2: Adding Transitions


Introduces the use of transitions to flow one movie clip onto another: It includes:

  • transition settings.

  • inserting a transition between two movie clips.

  • editing and deleting transitions.

  • applying transitions to multiple movie clips.




Chapter 3: Adding Motion and Video Effects

iMovie HD 5.0 adding motion and video effectsDemonstrates how to apply motion and video effects to movie clips. It includes:


  • fast, slow and reverse motion.

  • adding video effects to whole movie clips.

  • adding multiple video effects.

  • removing effects.

  • applying effects to multiple movie clips.

  • applying effects to parts of movie clips.




Chapter 4: Adding Titles to Movie Clips

iMovie HD 5.0 add text to movie clipsDemonstrates how to add add text to movie clips. It includes:

  • adding text on a black screen.

  • adding text over a movie clip.

  • setting text formats.

  • creating rolling credits.

  • fading a movie clip to black.




Chapter 5: Sound Tracks

Demonstrates how to use iMovie's sound tracks. It includes:

  • removing sound from a movie clip.

  • adding sound effects.

  • changing volume levels in movie clips.

  • adding music tracks.

  • fading music in and out.

  • adding narratives.



Chapter 6: Editing Movie Clips


Demonstrates how to edit parts of movie clips. It includes:

  • using the scrubber bar and edit markers,

  • deleting frames.

  • adjusting sound tracks.



Chapter 7: Exporting Movies


Demonstrates how to export completed movies. It involves:

  • the different share formats available.

  • Exporting to a QuickTime movie.

  • viewing the QuickTime movie.



Chapter 8: Preparing a DVD


iMovie HD 5.0 iDVDDemonstrates how to use iDVD to professionally burn the movie. It includes:


  • taking frame shorts for the DVD start screen.

  • setting chapter markers.

  • exporting the movie to iDVD.

  • selecting a theme and adding the frames shots.

  • burning the DVD.






Chapter 9: Using Photos


iMovie HD 5.0 movies from still photosDemonstrates how to create movies using still photos. A movie of photos about the UK is created and includes:


  • importing photos.

  • adding photos to the Clip Viewer.

  • making photos move.

  • zooming and panning photos.

  • cropping photos.






iMovie Project


The multi-user version includes a project that involves students to create a movie using the skills developed in the tutorials. The projects has sections for:

  • Collecting the movie clips (camera or pre-recorded).

  • Designing the movie.

  • Producing the Movie

  • Exporting the movie

  • A report on the project.