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Guided tutorials for software

Provides easy to use, activity-based teaching materials for software packages from Microsoft, Adobe, Google and others. The materials have been developed specifically for classrooms, but they are also suitable for individual use.


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Adobe Tutorials   Microsoft Tutorials   Projects and Exercises

Learning Adobe Animate 2024

Learning Adobe Photoshop 2024

Learning Adobe Illustrator 2024

Learning Adobe DreamWeaver 21.3 (2023)

Learning Adobe InDesign CC 2021


Learning Microsoft Access 365, 2022

Learning Microsoft Excel 365, 2022

Learning Microsoft Word 365, 2023

Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2019


Sample IT Projects 2023

Adobe Illustrator Exercises 2024

Word Processing Exercises 2024

Spreadsheet Exercises 2024

Presentation Exercises_2024


Product Features


The products are supplied as PDF files and they are designed to be used on-screen next to the software package or from a tablet next to the computer. They can also be printed if required.


The instructions guide users through the 'real-life' activities at their own rate.


Support Files that provide all the images, data, videos, animations, etc. are included with each product.


The Multi-user (classroom) versions include individual chapters so that students can be given selected topics.





Practice IT for the Australian Curriculum


The Practice IT text books by Greg Bowden and Kerryn Maguire (years 7 to 10), published through Cambridge University Press, have been updated to suit both the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies syllabus and the general ICT capability. For more details click on the link: Practice IT



Last Update: February, 2024





The products are available as single or multi-user versions.


The products are available as single or multi-user versions.

Multi-user versions are for multi-person use and ideal for schools by:



allowing unlimited printing within the organisation.




allowing the placement of the tutorials on networks, intranets, tablets or staff laptops for constant access and for use on-screen next to the software package.

All the products provide:



bookmark links to all topics as a quick on-line reference for members of the organisation.


'real-life' activities in extensively illustrated step-by-step instructions.


Assignments at the end of each chapter and Projects at the end of multi-user modules.



The tutorials can be used on screen next to the software application.


Guided Computer Tutorials sample screen


Products can be downloaded once an order is received (a link is sent by e-mail) or they can be promptly posted to you on DVD.

Support files that provide all the images, data, videos, etc. needed to complete the activities are included with each product.

Although the PDF versions work well on an iPad, some products are available as iPad specific multi-touch books through iTunes to take advantage of the iPad functions. See the iPad section above for more details and links to the products.

single-user versions can be upgraded to multi-user versions at a later date. The single-use price is deducted from the multi-user price.